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Hi I’m Alice Coaxum, owner of ShopForPLR.Com & my high quality PLR might just be the solution that you are looking for.

You may be wondering …


Who In The World Buys PLR And What Is It Anyway?

PLR stand for private label rights. These rights allow you to use the
content as if it were your own. You can use your name as the author and
no backlinking is required at all. No one gets the credit but you! You
can create countless blog posts, autorespondrers, info products,
Facebook status updates on your profile or business page, reports,
ebooks, videos and much more from PLR.

You can create an income from home and still keep the blog posts coming,
the autoresponder sending and the quality content flowing without
requiring large amounts of time devoted to research and editing.
Private label rights products equal POWER to many because there is so
much you can do with it.

Some People who purchase PLR …

  • Don’t have time to write.
  • Don’t have the skills to write the type of content that they seek.
  • Need large amounts of content consistently.
  • Need content in multiple niches.
  • Don’t enjoy writing.
  • The reason why so many people love PLR is because it take the hassle
  • out of having to write an optin report, creating a new niche website,
  • maintaining a blog or coming up with video and audio content. For many
  • PLR is a true lifesaver. It makes their job so much easier because they can spend their time on other aspects of their business or life.


Quality niche PLR content that you can edit or use as is without the
hassle of having to backlink or advertise for someone else can be worth
it’s weight in gold!

All PLR is not created the same! Many don’t know this, but much of the
PLR you find on the internet is pure junk. You need quality PLR to use
to create info products, videos, blogs, emails and much more so don’t
be fooled by unscrupulous content scrapers and junk writers who have no
qualms about taking you for a ride.

Purchase high quality PLR content right here and start consistently
adding content to your blog, autoresponders, audios, videos and

At Shop For PLR you will find packs of quality PLR content and all you
have to do is stop by, purchase and instantly download it. Each pack is
ready to go as is. While you may wish to edit the packs, and I strongly
suggest it so it projects your personal “voice”, you simply don’t have

If you’re looking for Garbage Articles that cost a penny a piece you
might as well hit the X on the right-hand side because you are not
going to find that here, but what you will find is PLR that you can be
proud to use.

Easy Breezy!

Shop For PLR can save you much time by supplying you with quality
written content, leaving you time to focus on other aspects of your
business like collecting the money.